Amazon Suspend

Amazon Suspend

One of the most controversial topics on Amazon could be Amazon Suspend. Maybe reading these words gives you a slight concern. However, we advise you to set aside your worries and try to understand this issue in depth. In fact, being suspended on Amazon can result in more positive outcomes than you might think. In a way, this situation can be one of the most effective ways for you to gain experience. The suspend process can help you acquire deep knowledge and skills in various aspects such as product listing, inventory management, customer relations, and many more.

Let’s explore what Amazon suspend is together. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

What is Amazon Suspend ?

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Amazon suspend refers to the temporary or permanent suspension of an account for a seller or entrepreneur on the platform. Suspend is typically applied when there are complaints or concerns related to an account or product that is believed to have violated Amazon’s seller policies or rules. A suspended account may face restrictions such as temporarily halting product listings, losing access to their inventory, and being unable to make sales.

Amazon suspend is used as a mechanism to ensure sellers fulfill their responsibilities of honesty and compliance in a competitive marketplace. Usually, an investigation process is followed to verify and resolve any violations or complaints. If violations or errors are confirmed during the investigation, the account may be suspended indefinitely or permanently closed. However, if the errors are corrected or deficiencies are addressed, it is possible to have the account reinstated.

Types of Amazon Suspend

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Product Suspend: It is the situation where a seller’s account is suspended for a specific product or products. For example, a product can be suspended due to reasons such as selling counterfeit goods, copyright infringement, or misleading product descriptions.

Listing Suspend: It is the temporary blocking of listing a specific product. This can occur due to reasons such as incomplete or misleading product information, incompatibilities, or customer complaints.

Return Suspend: It is the situation where a seller fails to properly handle return transactions or comply with return policies. This is important to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain trust.

Related Account Suspend: When Amazon sellers have multiple accounts, the closure of one related account can negatively impact their other accounts. If one account is closed and then the other accounts are also closed, it is necessary to initiate the resolution process urgently. Otherwise, the other accounts are also at risk. Moreover, Amazon may suspend other accounts by indicating the reason for suspending the account. It is possible to receive feedback stating that if the suspended account is reinstated, the other accounts will also be reinstated.

ASIN Suspend: It is the suspension of sales for a specific ASIN or product. This type of suspension can be applied due to ASIN incompatibilities, copyright infringements, misleading content, or the sale of prohibited products.

Fast Order Suspend: It is a type of suspension that is applied when a seller receives orders at a faster pace than usual or in large quantities. In this case, Amazon follows a process to ensure that the seller is ready to fulfill orders accurately and on time.

High Order Defect Rate Suspend: It is the suspension of an account when a seller consistently sends defective or incomplete products or when there are high customer complaint rates. This type of suspension serves as a warning for the seller to improve service quality and ensure customer satisfaction.

An Amazon Account Can Be Suspended in 4 Ways


There may be differences in the levels of account suspension for Amazon accounts. Here are the types of suspension based on their levels:

Amazon Account Deactivated: In this case, your Amazon account has been temporarily deactivated. This usually occurs when there are missing account information or important documents that need to be updated. You may be asked to provide the necessary requirements or correct any deficiencies to reactivate your account.

Amazon Account Suspended: At this level, your Amazon account has been temporarily suspended. This typically happens when Amazon policies are violated or there are customer complaints. To reactivate your account, you may need to submit an appeal to Amazon and take the necessary actions.

Amazon Account Denied: It means that your Amazon account application has been denied. This mostly occurs when Amazon policies are not followed or incomplete documents are submitted with the application. You can report it to Amazon as an appeal for your account to be reopened.

Amazon Account Banned: It is the complete banning of your Amazon account. This situation generally arises from serious policy violations or repeated suspensions. It may be difficult to reopen or recover your account, but you can try to clarify the situation by directly contacting Amazon.

Amazon Suspension Removal




The Amazon Suspension Removal Process may not be the same for every case. Generally, we can list the steps to follow as follows:

  1. Understand the Reasons for Suspend: Understanding why your Amazon account has been suspended is crucial. Identifying the root cause is often the quickest way to resolve the issue. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account and carefully review any notifications and warnings related to your account to determine the reason for suspend.
  2. Contact Amazon: Once you have identified the reason for suspend, reach out to Amazon through the “Contact Seller Support” or “Appeal Decision” options available on Amazon Seller Central. Prepare an appeal letter clearly explaining the reasons behind the suspend and be patient throughout this process.
    Especially, if your account is suspended due to an Account Health issue, you can gain detailed information by following the steps “Account Health > Appeal Button > Call Me Now Button”. This will allow you to gather more information and plan your next steps more effectively.
  3. Prepare an Action Plan: Being prepared to appeal to Amazon is crucial. Prepare a detailed suspend removal plan and outline the measures you will take to prevent similar issues in the future. Emphasize aspects such as quality control, customer satisfaction, and compliance with Amazon policies.
  4. Present Relevant Documents and Evidence: Provide any necessary documents and evidence to support your suspend removal plan. For example, include product quality reports, customer feedback, or corrective actions taken to address any policy violations.
    One important aspect to consider is accurately identifying the issue that led to the suspend and providing solutions. For example, if there is a suspend due to a customer complaint, mention that a refund has been issued and highlight the measures taken to prevent a recurrence. Another example could be if customers consistently mention that a product arrives broken. In this case, you can mention that the packaging has been reinforced and express a commitment to making exceptional efforts to prevent such issues.
  5. Monitor Your Appeal: After submitting your appeal, wait for a response from Amazon. Monitor the status and progress of your appeal through your Seller Central account. The response time can vary, so it’s important to be patient.
  6. Seek Professional Assistance (Optional): The process of suspend removal can be complex and delicate. Therefore, you may consider seeking help from a professional Amazon consultant or legal advisor. Experts in the field can guide you through the appeal process and potentially increase your chances of success. However, it’s important to note that professional assistance does not guarantee resolution of the suspend. It is merely a recommendation for consideration.

How to Write an Effective Appeal to Amazon?

Let’s say you are either new to selling on Amazon or have been a seller for a long time, and one day you receive an email like the following:


Now let’s talk about how to write an effective appeal:

Start with an impactful introduction. “We value our partnership with Amazon and take great care in taking the right steps. We are aware that Amazon customers expect a high level of service, and we hold a great responsibility to meet this expectation.”

Outline the reasons for your suspension in bullet points. “We would like to present the key reasons for our appeal in a clear and concise manner. These reasons will help explain the specific issues that led to the temporary suspension of our account.”

List the actions you have taken after the suspension. “We would like to outline the measures we have taken after the suspension. These actions demonstrate our proactive steps to support the capacity of our account to meet Amazon’s customer expectations.”

Specify how you will proceed once the suspension is lifted. “We would like to clarify our approach once the suspension is lifted. We commit to managing our account in full compliance with Amazon policies and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction through collaborative efforts.”

Conclude with a strong closing statement. “We understand that Amazon makes quick and effective decisions to protect the customer experience. Therefore, we guarantee our commitment to actively collaborate during the appeal process to reinstate our account and work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Submit your appeal and await the response. “We look forward to the response to our appeal letter, which we have prepared based on the reasons mentioned above. We hope for the reinstatement of our account by the Amazon team.”

In this blog post, we have covered what Amazon account suspension is and its reasons. We have also examined how an Amazon account can be reinstated and the important steps to consider when writing an appeal letter. By working in cooperation with Amazon policies, taking appropriate corrective actions, and presenting an effective appeal letter, you can increase your chances of reinstating your account. Remember, each situation is unique, and it’s important to provide clear and accurate information when communicating with Amazon. With careful planning and patience, you can take steps to reactivate your Amazon account.

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