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How to Start eRank?

eRank has a wide and growing set of powerful tools to help you gain an advantage on your Etsy journey. With all these tools at your disposal, you may not know where to start. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Instrument Panel

Your eRank dashboard is where you can see most of your data at a glance. If you want to quickly see where your store ranks in worldwide sales, you can quickly view this at the top ofyour dashboard. Dashboard; your total number of listings, inventory value, missing tags, etc. also enables the display of listing data such as

As well as listing the data, the dashboard is where you can see traffic statistics data (if you have it set up), eRank news with the latest blog posts and other useful information. Everything can be displayed with widget tools on the page. If you’re not 100% sure what you want to achieve with eRank right now, the dashboard can be a good starting point to find things you might want to improve or tweak in your store.

Keyword Research

If you’re interested in researching keywords to increase your listings’ visibility, start with eRank’s Keyword Tool. (You can also access it under Tools > Keyword Tools in the Main Menu.) Enter a keyword related to your product. eRank will analyze the top 100 listings found in Etsy search results for that keyword. It also shows popular keywords and related data to help you get some ideas about new keywords and their potential impact.

Track Competitors

If you use any of eRank’s paid plans and are interested in tracking how your competitors’ sales are doing, this is where you want to be. (You can find it under Competition in the Main Menu). In this tool, you can add the Etsy shops you want to follow to a list. Here you will see daily sales over the 7-day period, as well as total sales for this 7-day period, overall total sales and store age. After adding stores to your list, you will also see a graph at the top showing 7 days of sales for each store.


Best Sellers

Paid plan eRank members will be able to see the overall Best Sellers on Etsy and the shops with the most sales from the previous day. You can also filter these results by category, country and the year a store opened. Use this tool to find stores that are performing exceptionally well and then review them to help improve your own store.


If you don’t want to miss the latest trends on Etsy; you can use Trend Buzz in eRank. (Under the Trends tab in the Main Menu) This tool allows you to look at trending keywords on Etsy as well as many other e-commerce sites and platforms such as Google Shopping and Pinterest.

Here you can also see the most sought-after products, buyers, styles and materials. Use this resource to decide on the feasibility of a new product you might be working on, or as inspiration for products you haven’t started yet. However, at PrinWork, you can also benefit from our artificial intelligence that analyzes the trendiest products for you and you can make maximum profit with zero margin of error.


Pricing can seem like a difficult process. If you price your items too high, they may not sell. If you price them too low, you risk not earning enough to cover costs, or perhaps your products are of low quality to potential buyers because of the price.

eRank’s profit calculator will help you price your items for profit so that your hard work pays off. Find it in the Main Menu under Tools > Other Tools. Simply enter your data into the fields and the calculator does all the math to let you know how much money is in your pocket when a product is sold. This helps you understand what adjustments you need to make to make sure you get the profit you want from each of your products. You can also see how much profit is left when you sell the products. This is a great tool to know how much discount you can offer without losing money.


The delivery status report shows the status of all your sent packages in one spot. It lets you know whether your package is currently in pre-shipment, in transit or delivered. Each line shows you the date, status, location, packet value, carrier and class of service used. Find this tool in the Main Menu under Store.

Achieve More Now!

We hope this information inspires you to use all the tools eRank has to offer to help you grow your store and better serve your customers. With PrinWork, you can get new ideas and insights to help you optimize your Etsy shop with our ever-growing toolkit.

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