Etsy Dropshipping

Etsy Dropshipping

Etsy is an e-commerce platform especially for handmade, vintage and similar products. On this platform, sellers can sell their own handcrafted products or vintage items. Recently, Etsy has started to attract the attention of entrepreneurs who want to do dropshipping. Etsy dropshipping is a method used to sell products from another manufacturer or wholesaler on Etsy. This method eliminates the need to manufacture or stock your products, allowing you to build a business with less risk and lower costs.

However, before doing Etsy dropshipping, it is important to understand Etsy’s dropshipping policies and the rules sellers must follow. In this blog post, we answered more detailed information about Etsy dropshipping in a Q&A format. Let’s get started.

What Can I Sell on Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace, especially for handmade and antique goods. According to Etsy’s official statements, this platform hosts a global marketplace for unique and creative products. Here you can find exclusive and exceptional products such as handmade toys, collectibles, artwork, household items, antique furniture, jewelry, clothing and holiday items. Besides crafts and craft supplies, Etsy is the perfect platform for consumers looking for unique and remarkable products. For more information What is Etsy? you can read our blog.

Is Dropshipping Allowed on Etsy?

etsy dropshipping

Etsy’s policy prohibits uploading products from random stores. However, as long as you cooperate with suppliers, this becomes legal. This means that you must make it clear in your store policy that the products you offer for sale are not of your manufacture and are the property of a supplier with whom you cooperate.

In short,Etsy’s policy only allows the sale of handmade products of your own design and production. It does not allow the sale of products that you have not designed or designed yourself under the handmade category. Resale is allowed in the categories of vintage and craft materials.


What Services Does PrinWork Provide to Etsy Sellers?

PrinWork offers many advantageous services to Etsy sellers, making their work easier and helping them use their time more efficiently. These services include,

– contacting manufacturers of trendy products in different categories,
– ordering samples, undertaking packaging operations
– make profit and loss analysis
– getting support in logistics processes

There are options such as. Thanks to PrinWork, Etsy sellers

– order tracking,

– manufacturer selection,

– can easily manage quality control and direct shipping operations on a single platform.


They can also order without a maximum order quantity and manage the logistics process according to their preferences.

How to Use PrinWork for Your Etsy Shop

Etsy users can find and buy products from PrinWork and connect their shop and products with PrinWork. This way PrinWork can synchronize the latest orders in the Etsy shop for you to manage shipping.

First of all, you need to integrate your store. After the Etsy store is integrated, orders are instantly placed on the dashboard. It can be automatically transferred to the producers that are matched to start production and production can be started instantly. After the production is completed, quality-control processes are carried out by PrinWork. Prepared orders are distributed to be delivered directly to their recipients. Thus, the entire process from production to delivery is organized on a single panel without the need for stock-storage.

Etsy integration can be completed in 3 steps:

Membership is realized as a vendor in PrinWork.

Click on ”Connect My ShipEntegra Stores” and ”Login” after the confirmations are completed.

In the window that opens, select the stores to be integrated and click the “Save” button.

You can choose ShipEntegra in the logistics method and place your orders to PrinWork manually or automatically, it’s up to you. In addition, you can use PrinWork’s POD makers (Print On Demand), PrinWork will sort the best manufacturers for you and send your orders to our warehouse to ship to the end customer. PrinWork carries out the final checks and then ships directly to the buyer.

How to Place an Order for Your Etsy Shop?


After your integration is complete, enter My Orders. Here your orders from Etsy will be placed in Pending Match. Then, after saying “Search PrinWork Store”, you can match it with the manufacturer you want and start following your production process.

How Can I Benefit from Print on Demand Service in PrinWork?

PrinWork allows users to easily design various products such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, even phone cases using their own designs through a platform called print on demand (POD). The platform offers a service where you can directly route your customers’ orders and produce and ship your products directly to your customers.

Print on demand is a great option, especially for small businesses, because you don’t have to stock your products in advance. In this way, you minimize your costs and do not have to deal with problems such as inventory management. Also, with PrinWork you can offer your customers the option to design on a variety of products.

To summarize, PrinWork is a platform that offers print on demand services, allowing you to design many products using your own designs. PrinWork completes the production process in the fastest way using the latest technologies and your customers’ orders are processed quickly and shipped to your customers as soon as possible.

Things to Consider for Etsy Account


1. Resale of Handmade Goods

If Etsy is suspicious, it may ask you to prove that your products were sold by you and may also ask for photos of the progress of the products.

2. Sale of Prohibited Products

Etsy has banned or restricted the sale of some products:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, medical drugs, narcotics and related materials
  • Dangerous substances and weapons
  • Explicit and adult pornographic content
  • Hate material that incites hatred or violence and contains racist and homophobic slurs


3. Being Associated with Another Banned Account

When you visit a business, shop or workplace in a public space or log in under the same IP address, it is possible to be associated with two different stores, which could trigger Etsy’s banning algorithm.


4. Sale of Intangible Goods and Services

Services cannot be sold unless a tangible product is offered. However, this rule does not apply to digital products.


5. Infringing Trademarks

Unauthorized use of a trademark may also result in legal sanctions against the seller.

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