I Want to Start My Own Business, What Can I Do? 2023

Business Ideas for Those Who Say They Want to Start Their Own Business

You may be looking for different business ideas to change your career and earn additional income. In this competitive market where better versions of every product and service emerge, it is very difficult to find business ideas that have a high chance of success. We have prepared an article for you as a result of our research to answer the questions of what are the latest business ideas of 2023 and which one would be most suitable for you. In the light of this information, you can find the most suitable one among the 2023 business ideas. We wish you a good reading.

Online Business Ideas


As the digital world develops and is easily accessible to everyone, you can earn money by using your creativity and productivity with online business ideas. So, let’s look at what business ideas can be done online.


Writing a blog by doing research on topics you are interested in, knowledgeable about or a niche topic you have determined is an online business idea that attracts the attention of many people. You can also earn money by blogging on your own website or on a site where you create content.

Selling with E-commerce

As we said, the digital world is easily accessible to everyone. You can also do e-commerce in this world by creating special collections accompanied by your passions or with business models with low risk factors such as droshipping. You can sell your products on large marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay or by setting up your own e-commerce site. To be successful in e-commerce, you can get ahead of your competitors and increase your earnings by actively using mass media. In addition, you can choose the niche you want to sell by taking inspiration from our “Products That Can Be Sold Online” blog post.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

One of the business ideas that can be done online as an additional or main source of income is digital marketing consultancy. You can also provide consultancy to businesses that want to receive this service by receiving training on this business system and improving yourself.

Podcast Publishing

The podcast content library produced since 2015 is expanding among online business ideas. You can also prepare a podcast about a subject you are interested in or an expert on, make some edits to the audio and publish it on the podcast hosting site.

Small Budget Business Ideas


We examined online business ideas together, now it is time to examine business ideas that require less capital.

Pet Sitting

As can be seen from the number of pets determined to be approximately 1.5 million after the 2022 microchip law, pet sitting at home is among the business ideas without capital. You can also earn extra income by providing services to pet owners who go on vacation or spend most of their time in the office.


Do you have a foreign language that you can speak fluently? Then, the first job idea we can suggest to you is translating. You can provide consultancy to translation companies by creating an online CV. You can even easily find customers by working in a special field such as medicine, law or health.

Real Estate Consultancy

It is an ideal additional income for those who say they want to start their own business as investment shifts towards the real estate sector after the pandemic period. You can also provide real estate consultancy and manage your business independently of your location by taking online or face-to-face training.


Pregnancy, as well as the postpartum period, is a challenging process for many women. “Doula” services are people trained to assist expectant mothers from the first three months of pregnancy to birth. These people provide professional emotional support to expectant mothers.


Small businesses also need support with financial tasks such as data entry, bank reconciliation and monthly reporting. Therefore, becoming an accountant becomes a good option for those who say they want to start their own business.

Fitness Instructor

Being a fitness instructor is a very good business idea for people who want to get out of the stressful environment of daily life and have a better body. It will be a very good career choice for people who want to start their own business and work independently of time and place. Moreover, customer processes can be facilitated by creating a website on fitness, creating content and making appointments.

Business Ideas That Can Be Done From Home


Providing Training on a Subject

The first option for those who want to start their own home-based business is to receive training at home from a specialist or on the subject of interest. You can also train at home by providing the necessary equipment. To get customers easily, you can create a profile on education sites and find students more easily.

Freelance Graphic Design

Of course, the way of working that makes you feel more free than the jobs we have mentioned so far is freelance. Another business idea for designers where they can easily work from anywhere they want is freelance graphic design service. If you are not familiar with graphic design but are interested, you can improve yourself in this field through training. You may have taken a step towards starting my own business.

Content Writing

Another factor that highlights content creativity is content writing. With the power of content writing, businesses’ online presence can reach a higher level in terms of SEO.

Data Analysis

Would you have thought that the statistics course taken by most people in higher education could lead to additional income in the future? You can provide external support to academic circles and small businesses with data entry and analysis services in the field of SPSS analysis.


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