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Ozon Integration

Ozon integration refers to the connection between the PrinWork platform and stores on the Ozone platform. Thanks to this integration, products sold in Ozon can be managed and orders can be tracked. Matching with PrinWork manufacturers can be done with a single click to start production of orders that fall on the panel.

The finished products go through PrinWork’s quality-control and packaging processes and are then shipped directly to the customer. It enables reliable and fast order management without the need for stock-warehouse.

ozon integration

About Ozon

Ozon is an e-commerce platform based in Russia. It offers services such as online shopping, payment and delivery. It is widely used primarily in Russia and then in Central Asian countries.

Ozon can help its users in many different ways:

  1. Market reach: It offers access to a broad customer base and can create a large potential customer base for brands.
  2. Online visibility: Ozon can help brands strengthen their online presence, allowing them to promote their products to a wide audience.
  3. Business data: Ozon provides brands with insights into product performance, customer behavior and other key business data.

Overall, Ozon can help e-commerce merchants strengthen their online presence, create opportunities to promote and sell their products, and collect business data.

The most trendy products that can be sold in Ozon will be found in PrinWork and the most up-to-date information can be followed in PrinWork blog posts.

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