What is Export?

For businesses, the way to grow is often through expanding into new markets. Exporting is one of the best ways for businesses. However, legal regulations, cultural differences, language barriers and other factors are just some of the challenges that businesses may face when exporting. In this article, we will explain the definition of exporting and why it is important for businesses, and discuss the benefits of exporting for your business.

What is Export? Exports are the sale of goods and services by one country to another country. Exporting businesses offer their goods and services to customers around the world. Exporting can contribute to business growth and improve business sustainability by providing access to new markets.

Importance of Export

  1. Access to New Markets: Sellers can access new markets. This helps businesses to expand their customer base and make more sales.
  2. Business Growth: By gaining access to new markets, businesses can increase sales and have a larger customer base.
  3. Higher Profit Margins: By reaching more customers worldwide, businesses can sell more products and increase their profit margins.
  4. Risk Diversification: It can help businesses diversify their risks. Instead of being dependent on a single market or region, businesses can better manage their risks by focusing on different markets. For example, a crisis or recession in a country’s economy can affect all revenues of a business, while generating revenues from customers in different countries by exporting can reduce this risk.
  5. Competitive Advantage: Exporting can give businesses a competitive advantage. By exporting, businesses can reach more customers around the world and get ahead of their competitors.

Exporting is one of the most important ways for businesses to grow. By exporting, they can access new markets, grow, increase their profit margins, diversify their risks and gain a competitive advantage. Although there can be some challenges, it can help businesses to do business successfully around the world.

There are 6 important points that those who want to export should know:

  1. Suitability of Products and Services: Sellers need to determine whether their products and services are suitable for export. At this point, it is important to ensure compliance with the consumer needs and legislation of the exporting country.
  2. Market Research: Businesses wishing to export should conduct a detailed market research on the country market to which they will export. Market research covers factors such as consumer needs, competitors, tax and customs legislation, cultural differences, language and communication in the country of export.
  3. Export Support: Export support programs offer a variety of financial and logistical support to facilitate and encourage export activities of businesses.
  4. Payment Methods: Businesses that want to export need to be careful about payment methods. Considering the payment conditions and risks of the exporting country, an appropriate payment method should be selected.
  5. Customs Procedures: They should learn the details of customs procedures and prepare the documents in the export process correctly.
  6. Transportation and Logistics: Businesses that want to export should also have information on transportation and logistics. Appropriate transportation methods and logistics processes should be determined for the transportation and delivery of export products.


What is Export and E-export?

Exports are the sale of goods and services to countries outside the borders of a country. This can be accomplished using traditional trade methods, i.e. goods need to be physically transported and delivered to customers.

E-export is the export process using the internet. This includes selling products and services online. E-export can be carried out in many different ways, but basically, it is carried out using a website or online store.

Differences Between Export and E-export

  1. Cost: Traditional exports can be costly as goods and services need to be physically transported. E-export can reduce these costs because products are sold online and the need for physical transportation is eliminated.
  2. Global Reach: E-export makes it easy to reach customers globally, as there are no geographical limitations. Exports, on the other hand, tend to focus on a specific geographical region or country.
  3. Customer Communication: In e-export, customer communication usually takes place online. In exports, customer visits and face-to-face meetings are more common.
  4. Diversity of Products and Services: E-export allows a variety of products and services to be sold online. Exports are limited to products that can be physically transported.

Advantages of E-export

  1. Global Customer Base: E-export makes it easier to reach customers globally and therefore provides a great advantage for companies that want to export.
  2. Cost: E-export is less costly than traditional export methods. This allows businesses to offer their products at more competitive prices.
  3. Efficiency: E-export allows businesses to sell their products saving time and money.

Exports offer a great opportunity for many producers and sellers. Exporting is essential to reach customers around the world, increase sales and grow businesses. However, exporting brings with it many challenges. To overcome these challenges
provides an ideal platform for producers and sellers.


What is PrinWork?

PrinWork is the B2B platform that connects manufacturers and sellers worldwide. By discovering digital manufacturers, online sellers can sell more beautiful and trendy products and reach a wider customer base.

Advantages of Exporting with PrinWork

  • You can easily reach e-export oriented producers.
  • You can offer the products you discover to customers in different countries.
  • You can manage the details about the export process of your products.
  • PrinWork connects you with manufacturers that are approved by PrinWork itself, thus providing a reliable platform.

To become a vendor in PrinWork, you can read our article Becoming a Seller.

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