What is Passive Income and How to Obtain It?


Passive Income

Passive income is a type of income that almost everyone wants to have. Passive income is a source of income that an individual or business obtains without having to work or produce anything actively. In this income model, less effort is spent compared to active income. But it is important to point out that in order to make a profit in the passive income model, it is necessary to spend serious time and effort in the short term.

It is a method of earning that many people want to have because it provides passive income and financial freedom. You can also provide yourself with an extra source of income with the most up-to-date passive income generation methods of 2023 that we have given you. In this way, while your financial obligations are alleviated, you can raise your standard of living and the management of your time and energy can be entirely in your own hands.


How to Find Passive Income Methods

Since passive income requires significant effort in the initial stages, it may be difficult for many people at first. However, after the difficult process has passed and you have established a system, the income from passive income continues to increase. So, is it easy to establish a passive income model that describes it as “earning money even while sleeping”? Our answer is “Yes”! With a little patience and effort, you can earn passive income from scratch by following the suggestions we give below.
Before creating your passive income, you should identify a sector that interests you to make it sustainable. Then, taking into account your conditions, you should decide whether you want to make your passive income digitally or physically.
After determining the industry and channel you want to generate passive income from, you should conduct in-depth research. In the light of the information you have obtained, you should create a weekly, monthly and annual draft for the progress of the process, respectively. We can tell you that as long as you stick to the plan you created, creating passive income will be easy and inevitable.



What are Passive Income Sources?

With passive income sources, you can easily generate income without spending much effort and time. Now, we have researched the most up-to-date passive income sources for you in 2023, let’s examine them together.

Getting Started with E-Commerce

E-commerce is the leading source of both active and passive income in the digital age. You can also earn passive income by selling online in marketplaces or your own online store. If you don’t have enough idea where to start, “What Can I Sell in E-Commerce?” We recommend you to read our blog post on the subject. In addition, you need to consider the target audience you have previously mastered and the sectors you are interested in.

Then, you should research software and platforms that will speed up your e-commerce business. For example, with PrinWork, you can quickly open your store in world-famous places and list your products. By becoming a free member of the PrinWork system, you can examine the manufacturers and see the product you will sell in e-commerce by ordering samples. With the “Product Listing Software” tool, you can quickly list your products in your store and save time in your passive income model.

Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a passive income model frequently preferred by individuals and businesses. Rental income is the most widely used, especially in real estate investment. It is worth noting that real estate investment is one of the longest-term ways of passive income sources.

Doing Affiliate Marketing


Affilate marketing is a marketing model based on promoting a product offered for sale on the internet. Here, you can sell the product you want to promote by producing audio, written or video content; Depending on the terms of the agreement, you can earn passive income by receiving commission on the sales price.

Purchasing a Domain

Domains are among the main actors of the digital world. For this reason, many companies and brands attach great importance to the domain names of their websites.
You can also buy domains that you think will be valuable in the future for a very low price and sell them for a higher price in the future. This way you can make money with almost no time and energy.

Making Podcast Broadcasts

Nowadays, the podcast culture, which is far from visual and provides the user with only audio, allowing the user to focus more on the content, is becoming widespread. Therefore, you can create a source of passive income by producing podcasts on topics that may interest people and buying advertisements on platforms.

NFT Sale


The development of Web 3.0 and Blockchain technology plays an important role in NFTs as one of the sources of passive income. People can diversify the images they design using artificial intelligence tools, convert them into NFT format and offer these digital assets for sale. They can sell these assets regularly, especially on popular NFT markets. This also offers the opportunity to earn passive income through commissions received from every sale made on these platforms. The growing popularity of NFTs presents an opportunity for creatives to create a new source of passive income. However, to be successful in this field, you may need to develop your marketing strategies as well as display your creativity.

Organizing Courses and Training Programs

Creating an online course can be an excellent source of passive income for you. You can create training materials using different platforms based on your own interests and area of expertise.

To Invest

One of the most common methods of creating a passive income source is to invest in instruments such as foreign currency, gold and oil. Knowing and following the world and national economy well while investing can increase earnings by reducing risk at the source of passive income.

Writing a Digital Book

If you’re confident in your writing ability, writing books is a potential source of passive income. Writing and selling it, especially on digital platforms, has more income potential. Additionally, you can communicate with an international readership by translating the books you write into different languages. Depending on your area of expertise, you may have the opportunity to make sales in foreign currency by sharing your articles through digital publications such as e-magazines or e-newspapers.

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