How Can I Become a Seller on AliExpress?

How to Become a Seller on AliExpress? is a question asked by many businesses who want to profit from e-export and become a seller on AliExpres. In this blog post, we will talk about creating a seller account on AliExpress. We wish you good reading.
 is an online shopping platform based in China, providing B2C services, offering its customers a wide choice of products and allowing them to shop quickly at competitive prices.

This platform features thousands of products in categories such as fashion, electronics, home decor, cosmetics, toys, sporting goods and many more. Thanks to China’s production capacity and competitive costs, AliExpress offers its customers quality products at affordable prices. Therefore, it is among the first choices of many buyers when shopping due to the price advantage it provides.
If you want to sell your products on the globally recognized AliExpress, you can become a seller by following the steps below.

Open an AliExpress Seller Account

Aliexpress Global Selling TR to the AliExpress website. Click on the Join AliExpress button and fill out the store opening form. When opening an account, AliExpress usually asks for your e-mail address, password, phone number, credit card details, address, etc.

Open Your Store

To open a store on AliExpress, you need to be a company. For these reasons, you must upload the documents requested from you at this stage to the AliExpress application system in full. The documents requested to become a seller on AliExpress are as follows:

  • Tax Certificate
  • Commercial Registry Gazette
  • Commercial Activity Certificate
  • Signature Circular

In addition, company, tax, bank account and legal representative information is also requested in order to become a store owner.

List Products

Once you are an approved seller on AliExpress, you can list your products. Marketplace when listing products rules and guidelines you must obey. You can then complete the product listing process by entering product photos, descriptions and prices. Aliexpress allows products in 26 categories and subcategories that you can sell. Prohibited products include devices, hazardous chemical products, tobacco products, weapons and similar products.

If you are struggling to find products and need a reliable manufacturer for your product supply
you can take a look at the producers we have in our system. In addition, with unlimited samples, you can successfully manage your e-commerce with quality products and the right manufacturer.

Customer Communication

Communicating with customers is very important when running a store on AliExpress. Here you can use AliExpreess Messenger with your buyers as a manufacturer. With this tool you can communicate directly with your buyers and answer their questions.

Manage Your Orders

After listing your products, you can start selling your products and manage orders. AliExpress offers you many tools to check your orders in an easier and healthier way. Also From AliExpress seller panel you can see the statistics of your store. This tool is next to Cainiao, AliExpress’ own logistics solution
You can also use logistics solutions that provide integration and software opportunities. Because it will be advantageous to choose the delivery method that uses integration, logistics, software systems together in order not to be penalized due to delay in the cargo and supply process.

Check Feedback

On AliExpress, you should evaluate the feedback you receive as well as your communication with your customers in a healthy way. With the negative feedback you receive, you can increase your sales and customer loyalty in e-commerce by fixing the problems in the store.

Conclusion It is quite easy to become a seller and start e-commerce on AliExpress after meeting the necessary requirements. After a successful store opening process, you can sell your products all over the world, taking into account customer satisfaction. Finally, to become a seller on AliExpress, you can discover trending products on PrinWork and go global immediately.


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