How to Sell on eBay?

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay is one of the most curious questions of sellers who will start e-commerce. Because eBay is a marketplace preferred by 135 million buyers worldwide with its user-friendly interface, secure payment options and wide range of products.

The platform is categorized so that customers can easily find the products they are looking for. Also on the homepage, buyers can filter the products they want, read reviews from sellers and products, and send messages to sellers.

Of course, market size is not the only reason why sellers want to sell on eBay. The advantages and conveniences it offers to sellers offer many reasons to become a seller on this platform.


Why Sell on eBay?

eBay is a marketplace frequented by many entrepreneurs and sellers who want to do e-commerce around the world. If you want to sell globally and start your e-commerce journey, we will explain why eBay is the right option for you in this section.


Large customer base: eBay’s market size, thanks to the trust it gives to its customers, will be an enormous source of profit for e-commerce.


User-friendly interface: eBay has considered its sellers as much as its buyers in its user interface design. Once you decide to sell on eBay, you can easily create your seller account, list your products and track your sales.


Secure payment options: Another issue that comes to mind in international e-commerce is the payment process. e-Bay offers secure payment options to sellers so that they can get paid safely.


International sales: With its recognition and opportunities, you can easily grow your business globally.


Customer support: It is even easier to sell in the marketplace, which offers 24/7 customer support for sellers. This way, you can always reach someone who can offer a solution to any problem you encounter.


How to Sell on eBay?

As we mentioned above, selling on eBay is very easy with its user-friendly interface. By following the steps we offer you, you can easily start your sales and start making money with the strategies you will implement.


Create a Seller Account on eBay
To sell on eBay, click on the button at the top of the home page “Register” click on the field. After entering your personal information, you should click on the “Sell” button at the top of the page. In this section, you can create your registration by verifying the country, open address, mobile phone information requested from you.

Create List for your products
After creating your seller account, you need to create a product list so that your customers can find your products. When creating a product list, you need to describe your products in an accurate and understandable way with quality photos. Due to the high competition on eBay, many of your products may also be sold by other sellers. You should therefore check the list of similar products and format your products correctly.

By the way, before product listing what to sell online. We recommend you to read our blog post.

Ready to Sell
Once you have listed your products, all you have to do is wait for sales. At this stage, you should check the “Sales” tab frequently to respond quickly to your customers.

How to Sell on eBay

You can speed up the process of making sales on eBay with the right strategies. Here’s how to sell on eBay:

Correct pricing: We have already mentioned that there is a lot of competition. You can get ahead of your competitors by making the right pricing with a good product-price research.

Title and description: The use of keywords and an engaging SEO-compatible title is definitely a way to attract the attention of your customers and increase your visibility. So you can rank high in search results.

Quality photos and videos: Photographs of the product taken from different angles and in good light are an important factor that will increase the likelihood of customer preference. Because quality photos increase trust by positioning the store in a good location.

Free shipping: It is known that customers show more interest in products that offer free shipping options. Therefore, you can offer free shipping to attract customers.

Good customer service: By responding to customer queries quickly and effectively, you can increase customer satisfaction. You can also set a fair refund policy to resolve customer complaints.

Discounts and promotions: At special times, such as seasonal discounts and holiday periods, you can organize promotions to attract customers. In addition, you can follow the special days in foreign countries and create lists with products suitable for them.

Good feedback: Positive feedback from customers is not only a reference for you, but also a factor that paves the way for you to win orders from different buyers. You should therefore encourage feedback from your buyers.

Selling from Turkey on e-Bay

Selling from Turkey on e-Bay is a very easy process after making the necessary planning.

  • First of all, you need to complete the steps mentioned above.
  • At this stage, you need to clearly and fairly state your store’s return policies.
  • If you are going to sell from Turkey to the world, you should learn the documents, taxes and customs procedures required for shipping in advance. It should be noted that the documents required for each product and each country vary. Having these documents ready in advance prevents the possibility of delays in delivery time.
  • You should calculate delivery times accurately and make them clear to your customers. This increases trust in your store and customer loyalty.

Selling on eBay Shipping

When selling on eBay, shipping may vary depending on the country of the seller and the country of the buyer. Usually sellers choose their own shipping method and set the shipping cost. After listing your products, you should clearly state shipping rates and shipping methods and inform buyers about the shipping process.

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