Becoming a Manufacturer in PrinWork I Beginner Friendly Guide

Congratulations! If you are preparing to become a PrinWork manufacturer, you have the opportunity to digitalize your e-export process and increase your sales volume all over the world.

Why Become a Manufacturer at PrinWork?

Because we have identified the challenges you face as a supplier and we are prepared to offer solutions for them all in PrinWork!

Supply chain management and the first and most important link in the supply chain: production. In exports, many businesses/marketplace sellers want to minimize the margin for error in the production process. The most common problems are the high costs, the inefficient functioning of the control mechanism, unexpected delays, the inability to do business with the right vendors and other problems. If you, as a manufacturer, are facing decreasing sales volume due to these problems, it is time to become a PrinWork manufacturer.

There are many reasons to digitize your e-export process! Because although traditional export methods are a safe haven for producers, in 2021
69% increase in our country’s e-export rate
The Turkish economy has also shown that it is no longer possible to sustain an export model that does not feed on technology.

When you become a manufacturer at PrinWork, we will bring you together with innovative technologies that will empower you. You will reduce your manual workload, run a good organization and reach more e-exporters. You will be able to enable your business/workshop to achieve higher work capacity.

💪 Bring your e-export-oriented products together with PrinWork sellers, earn as the demand for your products increases!

Advantages of Being a Manufacturer at PrinWork

1- By uploading the products you produce to the system, you will be able to enable our world’s best-selling global marketplace sellers to order your products.

2- You will be able to manage your production organization. You will be able to distribute tasks to the people in your team via PrinWork.

3- You will be able to communicate with the marketplace sellers from the “Messages” section, you will be able to carry out your correspondence. As a result of the care we take to protect your personal information, you will be able to provide this communication with a “nickname “.

4- All information about your orders will be available on your screens. Thus, your orders will be produced smoothly, even in high quantities.

5- You will be able to track your orders without using any communication platform or tool (WhatsApp, Excel, Drive).

6- PrinWork will handle your packaging and shipping to your customers. So you will focus only on your production.

7- Thanks to PrinWork Wallet , you will be able to make your payment transactions quickly and safely.

8- You will be able to learn your profit and loss statement with the screens where you can calculate your orders and earnings with a single click.

9- PrinWork’s solid staff will always be able to support your e-export production.

Fewer transactions, less cost, maximum profit!

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