Using Artificial Intelligence in Etsy Product Design

artificial intelligence

Does the idea of using artificial intelligence for your Etsy products bother you? From time to time we are under pressure to come up with new and original ideas. At this point, what if there was a way to help stimulate your own creative mind? You can awaken your product design ideas using artificial intelligence software called Midjourney. In this post, we will share some tips for you to get inspired using Midjourney.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI tool that takes descriptive word expressions and turns them into unique images. Midjourney scans the internet’s exabytes (one billion billion bytes) of image data for design inspiration. From this data, it creates completely new images. It can be likened to how your own imagination works when you read or hear a story. Words stimulate your imagination and you visualize them in your mind. What you see is based on related things you have seen before.

Midjourney is currently running as an app inside Discord. Discord is used as an interface. You interact by sending hints to the Midjourney bot. Your tips give you a range of options. You can choose one of these options or ask the AI for other options. Once you are happy with the results, you can edit them and download the image file.

How to Start?


First, you need to create a free Discord account. Discord is a messaging app that was initially popular in the gaming community, but has since spread to other communities. Discord has desktop, mobile and web-based application options.

Once you have created your Discord account, go to midjourney.com. In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a button called “Join Beta”. Select “Continue Discord” and you will be redirected to the Midjourney Discord page to get started.

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How Midjourney Can Help on Etsy

Imagine that you have been thinking about a new design all week. On Etsy you can’t visualize how you can use your materials in a new and different way for one of the best-selling products. That’s where Midjourney comes in!

For example, you want to create a handmade bag design, one of the best-selling items on Etsy. By entering a tip like “unusual bag ideas” into Midjourney, you can see what it can produce for you. The Midjourney AI will offer you various versions. By choosing one of these versions, you can use it as a starting point for inspiration and further development.

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If none of this helps, you can choose the “reproduce” option. So you can press the re-spin button to get Midjourney to run your prompt again. Once you have a set you like, you can see the variations by clicking on any of the “V” buttons below them. And in this way, you can continue to move forward in the labyrinth you have entered. Often, the journey itself can be the inspiration you need to spark your own imagination. But what does it mean to make your product using an image Midjourney gives you exactly as it is?

According to Midjourney, you have commercial rights to use the images produced. However, a more detailed explanation is needed and this is not clear. The AI scans quintillions of source images to get the results. A result may be problematic because it may be too similar to one of the source works.

That’s why we recommend doing a thorough reverse image search before investing too much in your new product. Using a tool like TinEye, you can check if the image is a very similar copy. And even with this rigor, you can still infringe on someone’s intellectual property or face claims against you. Dealing with such problems can be troublesome. Therefore, we recommend using AI-generated products only as cues to trigger your own ideas.

What’s Next?

Who knows! These AI tools are advancing rapidly. We will publish more articles about AI tools. Of course, we encourage you to try these tools for yourself and stay tuned to developments, legal and technical issues.

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