What is Etsy Pattern?


Etsy is the perfect platform for those looking to sell handmade items, vintage collectibles, and unique works of art. Since 2016, Etsy has been offering many advantages to its sellers. Like the “Affiliate Program” it recently announced, it aims to provide more profit to its sellers and a better market experience to its customers. Therefore, if you have handmade or vintage products, Etsy will be a good marketplace choice for you.

Apart from selling handmade products, Etsy has another opportunity for those who want to create their own online brand: “Etsy Pattern”. Etsy Pattern is an additional channel available for sellers. Here, sellers can grow their own online stores connected to the Etsy ecosystem. When they set up their own online store with Etsy Pattern, most of the products and listings in their Etsy shop are automatically imported. In this way, sellers can easily process and manage their own store.

One convenience that Etsy Pattern provides is the use of inventory, payment methods, and order management available here on Etsy. Thus, all the order and payment features you have set up on Etsy are automatically transferred into the Etsy Pattern.

Etsy Pattern Pricing


Etsy Pattern is a platform that works with a subscription system and offers a fee starting from $15 per month and up to approximately 20% for annual memberships. Now the good news is that sellers also have the opportunity to try the service free for 30 days before joining the paid plan. This way, you can try Etsy Pattern without risk, and if you are a paid member, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Another opportunity that Etys Pattern provides to sellers is that they can choose customized domain names for their brands. If you want to get the domain name (storename.com) instead of the default domain name (storename.patternbyetsy.com), you will have to pay between $13 and $98, depending on the domain name you choose. A tip from us: A customized domain name makes your store more professional and increases brand awareness.
Another advantage regarding pricing is that there is no fee if the product listing is only on Etsy Pattern. If the product listing will be made on both Etsy and Etsy Pattern, a payment of $0.20 per product listing is required. Of course, there may be additions to these fees depending on the taxation system of the country where the seller is located and the extra services requested. All charges for Etsy Pattern are reflected in your Etsy Payment account on a monthly basis, and you can pay for all the services you receive here without using any extra tools.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Etsy Pattern?


First of all, we can say that before setting up your own online store via Etsy Pattern, you should compare the advantages and disadvantages. Here, you can set up your sample store on Etsy Pattern, depending on your brand, marketing strategy and expectations. Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Etsy Pattern.


  • First of all, the biggest convenience of Etsy Pattern is that it can be easily installed without requiring advanced technical skills.
  • You can easily transfer the products you already offer for sale on Etsy to your online store with listings, without being charged again.
  • Since Etsy Pattern’s customization option also includes a blog function, you can increase your organic site traffic through search engines.
  • The measurement tools available for your Etsy shop are also available for Etsy Pattern. Thus, they can use advanced systems for measurement, reporting and analysis in their marketing strategies.


  • In addition to the convenience Etsy Pattern provides, its subscription fees are high compared to other online subscription fees.
  • Business management can become difficult as all inventory, order and payment management are managed in one place.

Who Should Prefer Etsy Pattern?


We have discussed Etsy Pattern in detail with its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we also examined commission fees. So who should choose Etsy Pattern? We can say that it will be a good choice for sellers who want to strengthen their own brand and sell their own products on Etys. Because they can easily and free of charge transfer their inventory on Etsy, including listings, to Etsy Pattern.

On the one hand, sellers with Etsy Pattern stores can make more detailed reporting and measurements of store traffic coming from mass media, which is extremely important for e-commerce. They can easily perform site analysis with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
In addition, they can manage online store payments and marketplace payments from Etsy Pattern in one place.

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