What is Etsy Product Listing?

Etsy Unlike other platforms, it is an e-commerce platform where handmade, vintage products are sold. Here, artisans can make a profit by exhibiting their own designed products. Artists, designers and hobbyists showcase their unique pieces, such as homemade jewelry, handicrafts, clothing and decorative items. On Etsy, every product represents an expression of creativity and individuality. In this way, Etsy brings buyers and sellers together, creating a sense of community.

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Etsy Product Listing

Etsy product listing is not as easy as you think. Every step you take here has benefits and tips that can directly increase your store’s traffic and multiply your sales. Now, what should you pay attention to when listing Etsy products? What should you do?

Step 1: Create an Etsy Account

Before you start listing Etsy products, you must first create your Etsy account. Before creating your Etsy account
Etsy Store Opening
By reading our blog post, you can learn the points you need to pay attention to and open your account with the right guide.

Step 2: Identify Product Category

Etsy product category selection allows potential customers to easily find your products. Therefore, you should correctly add your product to the most appropriate category on Etsy, including subcategories. When listing Etsy products, you should make sure that you choose the right product category in this section.

Step 3: Add Product Photo

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After choosing the category of your products, it’s time to upload product photos. Etsy recommends sellers to upload photos that are 2000 pixels in size and 72 PPI resolution. It is also important that the photos are no more than 1 MB in size, because high-sized photos take a long time to upload and cause negative feedback. You can also take advantage of our suggestions for taking photos that will positively affect your store’s traffic.

  • Upload the angles that you are sure best represent your product.
  • Visuality is very important in Etys -Check your products to the appropriate concept. For example, if your product is a linen bath towel, shooting your product in the bathroom or with a model will increase your attractiveness among your competitors.
  • Be careful not to do too much light color editing on the photos. Because this can lead to misleading thinking.

You should not forget that Etsy users are people who care about aesthetics and style, so make sure that you reflect your product in the most aesthetic way in the photos!

Step 4: Title and Product Description

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Etsy product listing is undoubtedly the product title and description. First of all, you should take care to keep your product title eye-catching, unique and descriptive. Therefore, you should create a title using keywords in a natural way.
The Etsy product description section is a feature that you should use both to attract the customer coming to the store for sales and to catch your potential customers. On Etsy, you should describe your products in a short and concise way. Your descriptions should include answers to questions buyers are likely to have and accurately reflect your products. In addition, the store hikâIt should be consistent with the language you use in your website and other products. In order to attract the customer coming to the store to the sale and prevent them from going to another page, you should provide relevant links to the store cross-selling product suggestions while writing the description. For example, in the description of the handcrafted buckle product, you should add a link to the handmade earrings product of your store in a similar style.

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Step 5 Product Labels

The product labels you use when listing Etsy products allow your products to reach more people. Adding tags with relevant keywords makes the product appear more often in search results. Etsy provides you with 13 âoffers the possibility to use labels up to the widest range. You should carefully select these tags by choosing words that are relevant to your product. Because you can reach a wider audience by using different variations and alternative expressions.

Step 6: Product Price Determination

When determining the price of your products, you should consider factors such as production costs, transportation costs, Etsy commission and so on. You should also research how much your product is being charged for similar ones and follow a competitive pricing policy.

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Step 7: Enter Shipping Information

Etsy product listing, you must first enter the shipping processes. You should remember that the success of your logistics partner is a factor that directly affects your sales. It offers many advantages and First Turkish Technology company recognized on Etsy so you can use ShipEntegra for your deliveries. Moreover, you can easily integrate ShipEntegra with your Etsy shop and publish your products without having to enter separate shipping information for each product by selecting ShipEntegra in the “Shipping Carrier” section.

Step 8: Determine Your Payment Method

Etsy allows its customers to pay using different payment options such as credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet. You should also specify the method of payment at this stage.

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You have successfully completed all the steps you followed in the Etsy product listing process. Now you can successfully present your products to your customers and start selling them worldwide.

Remember, Etsy’s successful product listing strategy ensures that its products reach the target audience in the right way. With the right keywords, high-quality photos, correct categorization and pricing, you can attract potential customers on Etsy like a magnet.

For more information and e-commerce tips to increase your sales our blog posts follow.

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