The Story Behind PrinWork

Prinwork is a platform where e-export-oriented manufacturers and e-export sellers who send their products all over the world meet. E-export entrepreneurs can easily obtain the products that will increase their sales in global marketplaces from the platform by requesting them from manufacturers who work for e-export and make quality production. Thus, PrinWork saves a great deal of time in the process of finding a supplier, and thanks to the manufacturer-seller diversity; it is possible to find the most suitable option for both parties. With the facilitating developments of our software infrastructure, processes such as sample ordering and manufacturer-vendor matching can be carried out as simple as possible from a single panel.

We believe that the production link is important in the e-export chain and we are working to build trust in the foundation of the supply chain in the world. Our aim is to turn Turkey into a production paradise and to encourage the spread of e-export to the base. We created PrinWork with this vision. When our technological infrastructure, where we digitalise the production potential of our country, is combined with ShipEntegra's logistics experience; maximum profit can be achieved in both production and logistics. With PrinWork, geography is no longer destiny, and you experience the ease of making sales and production globally with confidence. You just focus on your sales, all other processes are in our safe hands.


What Makes PrinWork Different?

We can help you achieve your goals more effectively in the fastest and most reliable way. 
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Local Production and Global Sales

Reach customers around the world with fast and reliable shipping from PrinWork's logistics centres located around the globe.

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Reliable Service

We work with the best manufacturers in the industry for you. We offer a trouble-free service to your customers by using our packaging and packaging quality, first class materials in the sector.

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Following the Trends in the Market

You can offer the products listed by the manufacturers for sale in the channels you sell. Thus, you can follow the trendy products sold in marketplaces, add them to your list and ensure that they are sent to your buyer without any problems.

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24/7 Support

PrinWork provides you with quality support on the issues you want with its solid staff.

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Free Membership

There are no monthly and upfront fees. You only pay for production and shipping when you receive an order.

Are You Ready For Your PrinWork Journey

Get ready for your journey to a perfect e-commerce experience with PrinWork. Integrate and start selling on marketplaces worldwide in minutes.