It enables those selling on marketplaces and E-export platforms to easily manage and automate the process of matching store orders with manufacturers selected with specific criteria, packaging, shipping and tracking on a single platform, offering low costs.

Steer Your Exports with Trending Products

Based on the trends in platforms that provide e-export data such as Alura and Erank, we provide you with a roadmap and suggestions that you can sell better. You can see 500+ products that carefully selected producers can produce and that are trending in the marketplaces, you can add them to your list or order for production.


Match with your manufacturer without delay

You can choose the manufacturers suitable for your store, match with them and see the product by requesting a sample. You can then order the products you want and carry out all the processes online and communicate with your manufacturer with nickname from the panel.

Zero Risks with Sample Ordering

By ordering samples from manufacturers before sending your products abroad, you can see the product and reset the risks before sending it to your customer. Moreover, in any case, you can talk to your manufacturer via the panel.

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Place an Online Order to the Manufacturer of Your Choice

Place your online order for production from your matched manufacturers and your products will be produced immediately. Once your product is produced, it's time to make your e-export globally!

Send Your Order Automatically

Experience the advantages of sending your orders produced by PrinWork manufacturers to 220+ countries with ShipEntegra via the platform. Moreover, you are free to ship with other logistics companies.

Track Your Cargo Easily

Once you have shipped your products, ShipEntegra's easy tracking codes allow you to track the current status of your shipment and keep your customers informed.


What Makes PrinWork Different ?

We can help you achieve your goals more effectively in the fastest and most reliable way. 
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Local Production and Global Sales Opportunity

Reach customers around the world with fast and reliable shipping from PrinWork's logistics centers located around the globe.

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Reliable Service

We work with the best manufacturers in the industry for you. We offer a trouble-free service to your customers by using our packaging and packaging quality and first class materials in the sector.

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Following Market Trends

You can offer products listed by manufacturers for sale on the channels where you sell. Thus, you can follow the trending products sold in marketplaces, add them to your list and ensure that they are sent to your buyer without any problems.

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24/7 Support

PrinWork provides you with quality support on the issues you want with its solid staff.

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Free Membership

There are no monthly and upfront fees. You only pay for production and shipping when you receive an order.

Are You Ready for Your PrinWork Journey?

Get ready for your journey to a great e-commerce experience with PrinWork. Get integrated and start selling on marketplaces worldwide in minutes.