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BigCommerce is an open SaaS platform pioneering a new era of e-commerce.


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It is an online e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers.


It is recognized as the world's leading online retailer and cloud services provider.


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E-commerce website builder is a professional platform for both creating and managing a shopping website.


It allows you to manually and batch transfer orders from file that is CSV or Excel.

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What is Marketplace Integration?

Marketplace integration is a process that enables an e-commerce site to connect with different marketplaces and offer its products for sale in these markets. Through this process, businesses can sell on multiple channels, increase their customer base, and save time and cost through automated processes.

What Does Marketplace Integration Do?

Marketplace integration enables businesses to establish a connection between their e-commerce sites and different marketplaces, accelerating and automating the sale of products in these markets. Marketplace integration automates processes such as product listing, order management, inventory tracking, payment and cargo management, and enables businesses to save time and cost.

How to Integrate Marketplace?

Marketplace integration enables e-commerce sites to connect with different marketplaces, speeding up and automating the process of making products available for sale on those marketplaces. Marketplace integration can be done through API integration or automated e-commerce platforms and automates processes such as product listing, order management, inventory tracking, payment and shipping management.

How to Start Marketplace Integration?

Marketplace integration is a great opportunity for e-commerce businesses. Here are the steps to get started with marketplace integration:


- Marketplace Selection: First, you need to determine which marketplace you want to sell on. There are big players like Amazon, eBay and Etsy, as well as industry-specific marketplaces. Decide which marketplaces are best for your business.

- Creating a Store: You will need to open a store in your chosen marketplace. The process of creating a store may vary depending on the marketplace, but it usually involves creating an account and entering your store information.

- Product Listing: Once you have created your store, you will need to list your products. This includes product information, prices, availability, and other attributes. Depending on the marketplace, you may have the option to list your products individually or in bulk.

- Integration: The most important step for marketplace integration is to integrate your store with your chosen marketplace. This ensures that your products are correctly transferred to your store and your orders are managed directly from the marketplace.


-Order Management: You will need to set up a proper system for managing orders in the marketplace. This can happen through an integration where you can receive and process your customers' orders directly from the marketplace.

Marketplace integration is an important enhancement for the growth of your business and by following these steps you can get started successfully. Of course, depending on the specifics of your business, the integration process may require some additional steps. Therefore, choosing the right marketplace and using the right integration tools is important for your business.

Marketplace Integration Price and Commission Rates

As PrinWork, we offer many marketplace integrations for free to make it easier for online sellers to sell on marketplaces. With these integrations, sellers can easily list their products on many different marketplaces.


PrinWork's marketplace integrations include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart and many more. With these integrations, sellers can list their products not only on their own websites but also on popular marketplaces.


In addition, the PrinWork platform not only provides marketplace integration, but also a set of tools to manage your sales. These tools allow you to manage orders, track stock and manage prices all in one place. In this way, sellers can list their products on multiple marketplaces, reaching more customers and increasing sales.


Most importantly, the marketplace integration service we offer as PrinWork platform is free of charge. This allows sellers to list their products on multiple marketplaces without the need to deal with software and at no cost. This is a great option for beginner sellers and even experienced sellers can benefit from this service to increase their sales.


As a result, PrinWork understands the importance of marketplace integrations and offers free services to help online sellers increase their sales. By utilizing our marketplace integration service, you can reach more customers and increase your sales by listing your products on multiple marketplaces.

How does the system work?

In PrinWork, the marketplace integration system can be started immediately after the membership is realized. Click on the Connect My ShipEntegra Stores option and "Login" is done after the approvals are completed. In the window that opens, select the stores you want to integrate and click the "Save" button.


That's how easy it is! You have realized the PrinWork integration of your stores with one click. Then you can direct your incoming orders to your preferred manufacturers and experience the convenience of the online production process. Here, the most important convenience that PrinWork provides by integrating is access to suppliers who can produce as soon as the order is placed in the stores in the marketplaces. Great savings in both time and labor can be achieved.

Marketplaces We Provide Integration

The e-commerce sector is growing and it has become almost a necessity for businesses to maintain their presence on online platforms. However, one of the biggest problems of businesses selling online is to exhibit their products and manage orders on the right platforms. At this point, as PrinWork, we provide integration services with global marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Wish, AliExpress, Walmart, Wix, Ozone, Allegro, and provide great convenience to businesses.


Thanks to the integration services we offer as PrinWork, order management can be easily realized. Online sellers can start production immediately by matching with the manufacturers in PrinWork as soon as their orders are placed and they can supply their orders quickly. In this way, online sellers can increase customer satisfaction and gain more customers.


With the integration services we offer, we help online sellers showcase the right products on global platforms, manage their orders and speed up their procurement processes.

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