Amazon Dropshipping

What is Amazon Dropshipping?

Amazon dropshipping is a trading method where sellers list and sell products sourced from around the world on Amazon. In this article, what is Amazon dropshipping and how is it done? and we will discuss the issues. Let’s start now!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping “stockless e-commerce” or “dropshipping” is the most preferred trading model of recent times. So why is dropshipping preferred over other business models?

The biggest challenges facing e-exporters are complex issues such as logistics process planning and inventory management. Therefore, many sellers give up before they can start their e-export adventure, but the dropshipping method takes most of the burden off the sellers. For example, while suppliers deal with processes such as shipping, packaging and inventory management of the incoming order, the seller only deals with the marketing and marketing of its product.

*A little advice from us to you is to be in constant contact with your supplier and get information about stocks will improve your sales.

In the dropshipping system, instead of stocking the products, the seller first sells them by listing them in his online store and then forwards the incoming orders to the supplier. The supplier ships the orders and delivers the product to the buyer. So you don’t need to store the product you sell.

Today, the marketplace where many entrepreneurs earn profit by dropshipping is primarily Amazon happens. The primary reason why Amazon is the most preferred dropshipping business model is that it has more than 300 million customers. Amazon has always prioritized customer satisfaction, making it the most preferred shopping channel worldwide. Since it is highly preferred by the end user, it has become a platform where sellers want to open their stores with great expectations.

If you are committed to the dropshipping business model and have question marks about making sales, Amazon dropshipping is for you. Because by Amazon dropshipping, you can quickly tap into the potential of Amazon’s customer pool instead of building your own website. This will save you both time and money.



How is Amazon Dropshipping Done?

You have decided to start Amazon dropshipping but you don’t know exactly what to do.

Here the process is quite simple.

  • The end buyer buys the product in your store.
  • You forward the incoming order to your supplier.
  • Depending on the agreement, you pay your supplier for services and products either after the product reaches the end consumer or while the order is being prepared.
  • After the product reaches the consumer, you can withdraw the sales price from your account.

You understand how the dropshipping process works on Amazon. Now it’s time to open your store. In this episode, we will show you how to open your store so that you can do Amazon dropshipping. Let’s get started!

First of all, there is a sellers  account. You should take your time and enter the correct information. Remember, adding incorrect or incomplete information may result in your account being rejected. When creating a merchant account, Amazon offers you individual and corporate offers two types of accounts. You should choose the one that suits you from these two account types.

As we said, customer satisfaction is the most important factor at Amazon. The more customer satisfaction you provide Buy Box (Featured) you increase your rate. On Amazon, the same product can be sold by multiple sellers. Buy Box is a great feature that will make the product stand out among dozens of sellers and increase the customer’s purchase. With detailed analytics determined by Amazon, this highlight given to the seller who offers the best buying experience to the end user greatly increases their sales. To qualify for a Buy Box, you need to consider the satisfaction of your customers.

Account health on Amazon (account healthy) The way to improve is to satisfy the customer. There are two ways to do this: fast delivery and the right product

Since you only sell in the dropshipping method, the supplier has full control over delivery and product quality. No more finding the right supplier through long efforts and trial and error! PrinWork is here for you. You can gain speed in the dropshipping trade model with suppliers who are approved by PrinWork and have developed themselves in digital. You can also increase your earnings as you sell the product you buy in Turkish lira abroad over the dollar.

After finding your supplier, it’s time to list your products. Amazon Seller Central You can list your products by following these steps from your account.

Inventory> Add Product> Create New Product Listing


Is Amazon Dropshipping Legal?

The basic logic in the Amazon dropshipping model is that sellers sell the products they buy from the supplier by listing them in their own store. With this method, Amazon dropshipping, which can be done all over the world from America to Europe, is legal everywhere in the world, including Turkey.

Up-to-date with all the articles for you to continue your Amazon dropshipping business without interruption
“Amazon Dropshipping Policy”
you have to accept and abide by its terms. Some of the terms of this agreement are as follows;

  • You must fully comply with Amazon’s sales rules.
  • The end consumer should see that the product they are buying came from you and think that they are buying it directly from you. In other words, the invoice, delivery note, brand, packaging must all belong to your store.
  • Return-exchange etc. from the customer. you should welcome requests for transactions like this.

For example, you listed a hair straightener on your Amazon dropshipping store. Customers will be disappointed if, after purchasing this product, they see the emblem and invoice of another store on the packaging instead of your store. And this is something Amazon does not want.

Amazon Dropshipping Product Discovery

How can I find products while Amazon dropshipping, which product sells the most, are questions that keep sellers very busy. You should follow the steps below to solve these questions quickly.

1.Market research: You can review the most purchased products and the most reviewed products on Amazon. With this strategy, you should not forget to act according to the season and your target market. For example, you might list sandals instead of snow boots in an area that has a summer season.

2.Competitor analysis: You have the most purchased products, but it would be a wrong step to enter the market directly with these. Because there is high competition in products that are bought too much. There is a high probability that your newly opened store will not be seen in this competition. Therefore, you should look for products with high purchase rates and low competition.

3rd Product Kâr Margin Product’s kâr you have to calculate your margin carefully. Otherwise, dropshipping may not be profitable for you. For this, you should consider shipping, product costs, Amazon commissions in detail.

4.Following Trends: It is very important to follow the trends when Amazon dropshipping. Keep an eye on social media trends, special occasions or movies coming out in a month’s time, and load your store with products accordingly. We would like to remind you that trend products are specially listed for you at PrinWork.


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