Meet PrinWork!

At PrinWork, e-export-oriented manufacturers and sellers from all over the world meet with the best products. You can see the products of manufacturers approved by us and 500+ products from global marketplaces that may be of interest to you; you can add them to your list; you can order samples and production.

Why Work with PrinWork?

-Because We Put Our Hands Under The Stone.

Since 2018 , we have blended our vision of targeting the easiest e-export with our 4 years of sectoral experience. As ShipEntegra, we rolled up our sleeves to minimize the margin of error in the production and supply process.

Since 2019 , we have built trust with our users through our official partnerships with 20+ giant e-commerce marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, AliExpress . With important collaborations, we renewed our confidence as the First Turkish Logistics Technology Company Recognized on Etsy. We worked to bring solutions to the needs of our users in every field of e-export.

-Produce Locally, Sell Globally.

Now we are taking steps on a global scale. With ShipEntegra’s advanced technology and experience in logistics operations behind our new project; we organize your production process.

We started by identifying disruptions in the production and supply process. We have developed PrinWork, where you can find solutions to problems such as difficulties in finding reliable and/or export-oriented producers, production processes that do not have a control mechanism, leaving sellers in a difficult situation, and products that do not meet expectations.

We know that Turkey has a high production potential. We support our manufacturers and sellers in our country. In e-export; from production to delivery, we will combine our strength in PrinkWork.

Why Become a Manufacturer or Reseller on PrinWork?

Become a Producer

✔️ Manage your production organization. If you wish, delegate tasks to your team.

✔️ Match with thousands of global sellers and open your products to the global market.

✔️ Packaging and shipping of your products to the customer is done with us.

✔️ Ensure maximum profit in your logistics operations with ShipEntegra.

Become a Seller

✔️ Access the most suitable manufacturer for you with a variety of quality manufacturers.

✔️ Speed up your search for a reliable manufacturer and order samples now.

✔️ Digitize your procurement process and send your orders directly to your buyer.

✔️ Control your orders step by step from a single panel with smart integration.

Steer Your E-Export with ShipEntegra and Your Production Process with PrinWork!

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