Shopify Dropshipping

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an extremely useful e-commerce platform for those who want to open an online store. Through Shopify, users can easily create their own online store, list their products, and accept payments. They can also use a range of themes and apps to customize their store. Shopify offers many tools and resources to support business growth. Ideal for both small businesses and large organizations, Shopify is a platform that anyone who wants to sell online can choose.

What is Dropshipping?

The Turkish equivalent of the term dropshipping is stockless e-commerce.

Dropshipping has become one of the most popular business models of recent years. Working with a third-party supplier to ship products directly to customers offers many advantages, breaking the boundaries of the traditional retail business model. First of all, the dropshipping business model is low-cost. The store owner can avoid huge costs because they don’t have to stock or store products. This makes it easier for low-capital entrepreneurs to open an online store, unlike traditional retail businesses.

However, the dropshipping business model allows store owners to offer a wide range of their products. Because they buy products directly from suppliers, the store owner can expand their product range and offer more choice to their customers. Thus, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be increased.

Dropshipping also allows store owners to manage their business from anywhere they want. They can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, many dropshipping suppliers offer tools that help process and package products before shipping them to customers. This makes the store owner’s business more efficient.

Finally, the dropshipping business model allows store owners to start with less risk. Because they don’t have to stock or store products, store owners can avoid huge inventory losses if they don’t sell the products.

All these advantages show that the dropshipping business model is a model that should be preferred. If you want to open an online store, dropshipping business model can be the right choice for you with its low costs, flexibility and high potential returns.

What is Shopify Dropshipping?

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With the popularity of dropshipping today, Shopify has become a preferred platformfor this business model. However, to dropship, it’s not enough to just open a Shopify account and add products to the store.

First, Shopify doesn’t offer dropshipping by default. Therefore, users who want to dropship need to add this feature to their stores using third-party apps.

Second, to start a successful dropshipping business on Shopify, you first need to find a lucrative niche and target your products with the right marketing strategies.

Therefore, there are four important actions for users who want to dropship on Shopify:

  1. Use third-party apps for the dropshipping feature: Shopify doesn’t offer a default feature for dropshipping, so users need to rely on third-party apps to manage dropshipping.
  2. Making the right product selection: For a successful dropshipping business, it is necessary to choose a lucrative niche and select products correctly. At this stage, PrinWork members can see all the popular products and prepare the products they wish to list.
  3. Identify marketing strategies: To market your store successfully, you need to identify the right strategies. This can include social media marketing, search engine optimization and advertising campaigns.
  4. Customer support and returns management: In the dropshipping business, it is important to offer your customers good customer support and manage returns processes. This can improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty and repeat purchases.

In summary, dropshipping on Shopify requires making the right product selection, determining the right marketing strategies, providing good customer support, and adding dropshipping to your store using third-party apps.

How to Do Shopify Dropshipping?

To start a successful dropshipping business on Shopify, you need to do four basic things:

  1. Create a Shopify account.
  2. Identify a niche in which to operate.
  3. Integrate your store with PrinWork and choose the products you want to sell.
  4. Market your dropshipping business.

Let’s look at these steps in turn.

-Create a Shopify account

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Most people who are thinking about starting a Shopify business normally go to the Shopify website and hit the free trial button. While this is a great way to go with Shopify, it’s also a great way for dropshippers to
Shopify’s free dropshipping starter kit
accessing this business will enable them to provide better service.

Let’s take a look at your process after setting up your Shopify account and reviewing dropshipping resources.

-Find a niche

In fact, identifying what your niche is at this point is key to succeeding in dropshipping. If you still don’t know what it is, start your research now! Remember, your niche is what will make you stand out from other sellers. So you need to research the gaps in your sector and find out what is missing.

Next, identify a customer base. Who will your products appeal to? Finding your unique market will influence your customers’ buying decision. So, do your research, identify your niche, and get on the road to success!

It is a clear fact that for a business to be successful, it needs to enter the right niche. Likewise, Shopify is no different when it comes to dropshipping. In fact, choosing the right niche is crucial in the dropshipping business. Why? Because the cost of setting up a dropshipping business is low and the risk is low. If your chosen niche is filled with very intense competition, you may find yourself selling the same products as other dropshippers at extremely low prices!

Well, there are three main ways to identify a good dropshipping niche:

  • Doing keyword research
  • Identifying popular niches using Google Trends,
  • Conduct niche analysis using data obtained through online advertising services (such as Facebook and Google Ads).

Remember, choosing the right niche is vital to the success of your business. So get your niche right and add excitement to your dropshipping adventure!

-Integrate PrinWork with your Shopify store


There is no built-in dropshipping tool on the Shopify platform that allows you to forward products to anyone to source or fulfill orders. Therefore, Shopify users should work with a dropshipping supplier to dropship.

You can find your own supplier, get product photos, add the products to your store and then send email notifications to your dropshipping supplier for order fulfillment. However, this method requires a lot of management, which can make it difficult to grow your dropshipping business.

Therefore, most people who use PrinWork simplify the hard part. For online sellers, the digital presence of manufacturers saves a lot of time and effort. You can both follow the trending products and order samples. Moreover, as the products are sold, orders can be automatically transferred to the manufacturer. It makes dropshipping the fastest.

-Shopify market your dropshipping store

Once you’ve got your Shopify account, identified your niche, and added all your products, you need a strong marketing plan to run a successful dropshipping store. Here are the four main areas to focus your marketing strategy on:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO can seem intimidating, but it’s actually easier than you think and there are many online resources to help you with it. To get a basic understanding of Shopify SEO, I recommend reading the Shopify SEO guide and watching the related videos. These resources will help you learn the basic SEO steps for a new Shopify store.
  2. Content Marketing: Content marketing is a marketing strategy you can use to engage your customers and drive traffic to your website. A good content strategy provides valuable information to your customers and positions you as an authority. On the Shopify blog, you can find many useful resources about content marketing strategies.
  3. Online Advertising: Online advertising is an effective marketing strategy that you can use to reach your target audience and promote your products. There are many different online advertising options, such as Google and Facebook ads, Instagram influencer collaborations and other digital channels.
  4. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a marketing strategy that you can use to communicate with your customers and promote your brand’s products. Building an email list and providing your customers with valuable content and offers will help you build your loyal customer base.

By focusing on these four areas, you can build a strong marketing strategy for your Shopify dropshipping store and grow your business. Feel free to ask us your questions about PrinWork and Shopify dropshipping.

Good luck on your way to Shopify dropshipping!


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