What Is Amazon Handmade?


In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly tired of traditional production methods and mass production, leading to a growing demand for unique and personalized products. This is where online marketplaces like Amazon Handmade or Etsy come into play, connecting manufacturers with buyers who are looking to purchase one-of-a-kind products. In this article, we will focus on selling through Amazon Handmade. If you also want to establish your presence in e-commerce with handmade or customizable products, you can choose Amazon’s dedicated marketplace for handmade items, Amazon Handmade.

What Is Amazon Handmade?

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Amazon Handmade is a marketplace specifically designed for artisans, offering customizable and handmade products. It encompasses a wide range of categories, including jewelry, home decor, clothing, furniture, toys, and many more. Buyers can explore and purchase these products using various filtering options. If you also want to venture into e-commerce with handmade or customizable products, you can open an Amazon Handmade store, which provides an opportunity to reach Amazon’s extensive customer base.

Selling on Amazon Handmade

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First and foremost, we must tell you that Amazon has always prioritized customer satisfaction since its inception. In Amazon Handmade, it understands that customers are looking for unique, handmade products on the marketplace, so it requires its artisans to meet certain criteria. Handmade personalized products are designed for customers who want to feel special, and Amazon Handmade was launched with this expectation in mind. To sell your handmade products on Amazon Handmade, you can follow the steps below:

  • Account Creation: You should create a seller account on Amazon Seller Central. During the account creation process, you need to select the Handmade option. If you want more information about the Amazon seller account, you can check out our blog post.
  • Applying to Become an Artisan on Amazon Handmade: Your Amazon seller account has been approved. Now it’s time to submit an application to join the artisan community. In this section, you need to meet the following criteria as requested by Amazon:
    • You must demonstrate to Amazon that your products are designed and produced by you. Additionally, the number of individuals involved in your production process should be below 200.
    • Light tools or machinery may be used in the production process, but these machines should be used in your homes or studios. Mass production items are not allowed, and setting up an assembly line is prohibited.

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  • List Your Products: Once you become an approved artisan on Amazon Handmade, you can start listing your products. In this step, you can create product listings by adding descriptions, photos, prices, and details that define your products. Now, you can sell your unique handmade products on Amazon Handmade and begin your e-commerce journey.
  • Market Your Products: After listing your products, you need to explore different ways to reach more customers and market your products. Amazon Handmade provides SEO search techniques within its platform. By using the right keywords in your titles and descriptions, you can improve visibility in relevant searches. Additionally, you can attract organic traffic to your store by creating quality content on social media or your website. Consider utilizing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to appear in front of those interested in your products through paid traffic on Google or social media platforms.
  • Manage Your Orders: There’s no denying the quality of Amazon’s customer service, but at this stage, you should also personally engage with your customers. Respond promptly to any inquiries and strive to resolve any issues with a problem-solving attitude. Additionally, you need to be careful in managing your orders. Since you are selling customizable products, each order may come with different requirements. Fulfilling these requests accurately requires diligent tracking. You can take advantage of the software and logistics services offered by ShipEntegra to assist you with this process.
  • Pay Attention to Customer Reviews: The smartest way to improve your store and products is by using customer feedback as a guide. Encourage your customers to leave reviews by including small notes or small gifts with their orders.By following these steps, you can start selling on Amazon Handmade and embark on your e-commerce journey quickly. For more content related to e-exporting and e-commerce, you can check out our blog page.

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