What is Dropshipping and How to Do It?

With the development of the internet, many people have started to earn income by selling online. Among these people, the number of people who adopt the dropshipping business model is quite high.

Dropshipping business model involves selling a product without stocking it, by forwarding customer orders directly to the manufacturer or supplier. This way, the business owner does not have to deal with the storage, packaging or shipment of products. Instead, orders are passed directly to the supplier, who then ships the products to customers.

In this business model, the business owner acts as a bridge between the producer and the buyer. Thus, it can run its e-commerce in a way that is responsible for fewer business lines.

How is Dropshipping Done?


Dropshipping requires less capital and risk than other business models, so it is very popular among those who want to do e-commerce. Because when dropshipping, there is no need to store or stock products. However, the disadvantages of the dropshipping business model may include the fact that many people are involved in the supply chain, the low profit margin and the high probability of logistical problems. Our recommendation to you is to make a good planning from start to finish before starting this business model, and to start by making sure of the manufacturer and supplier. Here is what you need to do dropshipping step by step:


Market Research: The first step is to identify which niches or products you want to concentrate on.physical products that can be sold online you should do your research. When analyzing this, you should be careful to choose the right products by evaluating the market demand and the level of competition.

Supplier Selection: It is important to find reliable and affordable suppliers. You need to find the best supplier for your business management, taking into account  recommend PrinWork you will be working with the system.
Becoming a vendor in PrinWork I
t will provide you with unlimited samples, working with leading manufacturers in the field and a reliable trading environment. In this way, you can start your dropshipping business model with solid steps.

Choose E-commerce Platform and Set Up Your Online Store: You have chosen your products and your supplier. Now it’s time to set up your online store. Here you can set up your own online store through systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. You can also start your e-export without difficulty in finding customers by opening stores in marketplaces.
Print on Demand
   you can also dropship specially designed products using technology and you can use the Etys platform for this.
Etsy dropshipping
you can read our blog post to learn more about the new program.

Start Marketing Your Products: You have placed descriptions and images of your products in your store. Now it’s time to market your products. Here you can use Google, social media, platform ads. You can also attract more customers with influencer marketing

Manage orders: In this process, you need to manage your orders well. Because the delay in the supply time while dropshipping negatively affects customer satisfaction and causes your store points to decrease in your marketplace.

Provide Customer Service: You should always keep your communication with your customers high. You should act according to the wishes and demands of your customers and direct your business development according to their negative comments. You can also use feedback effectively by sharing product issues with your manufacturer.

Dropshipping Sites

Dropshipping sites are platforms that provide access to suppliers that you can use to source products that you can sell in your online store. Here are some of the popular dropshipping sites:

AliExpress: It is a popular online shopping platform with retail sales worldwide. You can easily find and order thousands of products from every category, from electronics to clothing, from household goods to beauty products.

DHgate: It is a global e-commerce platform. Headquartered in China, DHgate offers users a variety of products. You can find products in many categories such as electronics, clothing, home decoration. An ideal source for wholesale purchases, DHgate stands out with its low prices and wide product selection. It allows you to do business directly with trusted sellers.

Oberlo: It is a platform that provides convenience to dropshipping businesses through an app offered by Shopify. With Oberlo, business owners can integrate suppliers’ products directly into their stores and automatically forward orders to suppliers.

SaleHoo: It is a wholesale platform that provides access to reliable suppliers in many product categories. Dropshipping and e-commerce businesses can source products and find quality products at competitive prices.âto ensure

Wholesale2B: It is an ideal wholesale platform for dropshipping. It provides convenience to businesses with its wide product range and supplier network. It allows you to make dropshipping at low costs.

Modalyst: It is an ideal sales platform for sellers who want to dropship in the fashion industry. Thousands of fashion brands are available here. In addition, with the advantages of the marketplace, sellers can easily list their products in the store.

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