Allegro Integration

Allegro integration refers to the connection between the PrinWork platform and stores on the Allegro platform. Thanks to this integration, products sold on Allegro can be managed and orders can be tracked.

Matching with PrinWork manufacturers can be done with a single click to start production of the orders that fall on the panel.

The finished products go through PrinWork’s quality-control and packaging processes and are then shipped directly to the customer for delivery. It enables reliable and fast order management without the need for stock-warehouse.

About Allegro

Allegro is an e-commerce platform based in Poland. It is a website where users who want to shop online can browse and buy products in different categories. Products can be sold by private sellers or corporate companies. Allegro also supports payment and delivery processes.


It provides an opportunity for e-commerce sellers to reach a large number of customers. Brands can create a merchant account to promote and sell their products on the platform. They can also take advantage of various advertising and promotion options to optimize the promotion of their products. Thus, brands can increase their sales and increase brand awareness by reaching the target audience. In addition, the payment and delivery services offered by Allegro facilitate the shopping experience for users and help brands increase customer satisfaction.


The platform’s most popular categories include electronics, wearable accessories, home and garden items, food products and games. PrinWork integration will be a great partner to keep up with ever-changing trends and start production on the fly.


For more information about the marketplace, please visit the PrinWork blog.

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