Amazon Integration

Amazon integration refers to the connection between the PrinWork platform and the Amazon e-commerce platform. With this integration, products sold on Amazon can be managed and orders can be tracked.


Multiple store integrations can be realized and orders from Amazon are instantly transferred to the personalized panel. Matching with PrinWork manufacturers can be done with a single click to start production of the orders on the panel. After the completed products go through PrinWork’s quality-control and packaging processes, they are sent directly to the customer for delivery. It enables reliable and fast order management without the need for stock-warehouse.


The following steps should be followed to make Amazon integration in PrinWork:


  1. Sign up as a seller in PrinWork.
  2. Click on the Connect My ShipEntegra Stores option and “Login” is done after the approvals are completed.
  3. In the window that opens, select the stores to be integrated and click the “Save” button.

About Amazon

Founded in 1994 as an e-commerce site that initially sold only books, Amazon has evolved over time to sell a wide range of products and services and is today the world’s largest online retail platform.

Amazon sells a wide range of products to its customers, as well as content such as services, music, movies and e-books. It also offers cloud computing, data storage, data processing and other technological services.

Amazon has not made an official announcement about its financial results for 2022. However, according to the financial results of 2021, Amazon generated approximately 386 billion dollars in revenue that year.

Among the best-selling product categories on Amazon:

  1. Electronics
  2. Book
  3. Wearable Products
  4. Home and Garden Products
  5. Toys and Hobby Products
  6. Food and Beverages
  7. Baby Products
  8. Personal Care Products
  9. Accessories and Parts
  10. Small Home Appliances and Household Supplies

The product categories in this list may vary depending on Amazon’s marketing and user needs in different countries.


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