Wallmart Integration

By integrating Walmart stores with PrinWork, order management can be realized from production to delivery from a single panel.


After the Walmart store is integrated, incoming orders instantly fall into the PrinWork panel. It is automatically transferred to the matched manufacturers to start production. After the production is completed, quality-control processes are carried out by PrinWork.

Prepared orders are distributed to be delivered directly to their buyers. While this process is taking place, the need for stock-warehouse is eliminated.

Walmart integration can be completed in 3 steps:

  1. Sign up as a merchant in PrinWork.
  2. Click on the Connect My ShipEntegra Stores option and “Login” is done after the approvals are completed.
  3. In the window that opens, select the stores you want to integrate and click the “Save” button.

About Wallmart

Walmart operates in the retail sector and sells a wide range of products. For example, you can find food, appliances, electronics, wearables, household goods, toys, cosmetics and many other products. Walmart aims to offer affordable prices to its customers and has a widespread network of stores all over the world.


It encourages brands to sell their products in its stores and sell them online. It also offers opportunities for e-commerce sellers, such as special promotions, product placement and shelf visibility. Thus, e-commerce sellers can better reach their customers and make more sales. Walmart serves brands to contribute to their growth and success.


Read more about Walmart on the PrinWork blog.

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