What is E-Export? E-Export and Special Occasions

What is E-Export?

E-export is when a company sells its goods or services to foreign markets using digital channels. Unlike traditional export methods, e-exports are carried out over the internet and are intended to reach consumers around the world.

E-export creates opportunities to grow in international markets and reach global customers. To create a successful e-export strategy, they need to understand market needs and develop strategies that are appropriate to local conditions.

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What is the Impact of Special Days on E-exports?

Special occasions have a great impact on e-exports. This is because special occasions are a time when customers are more willing to make purchases, which boosts sales for e-export sites.

Since different cultures have different special days and celebrations, it is possible to reach the target audience with the right marketing strategies on these days. For example, days that are important in western culture, such as Christmas or New Year, are considered an important shopping period for international customers.

E-export businesses can increase customers’ willingness to shop on these special occasions by offering products and special discounts to attract customers. It is also an effective strategy to organize marketing campaigns to address customers’ need to receive gifts on special occasions.

Impact of Special Days on Marketplaces

Marketplaces are e-commerce sites that allow many different sellers to sell their products on the same platform. These platforms provide an opportunity for sellers to reach a large customer base and increase their sales. E-exporters can also sell on marketplaces and bring their products to a wider audience.

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Special occasions are one of the important factors affecting the sales of marketplaces. On special occasions, people shop more and spend more on gifts. Therefore, marketplaces may have the opportunity to increase their sales on special occasions.

The effects of special occasions on marketplaces are as follows:

  1. Increased sales: On special occasions, people shop more and therefore the sales of marketplaces increase. For example, November-December-January, the so-called peak season, is known as the golden age of e-exports. However, holiday seasons can provide high sales volumes for marketplaces.
  2. More traffic: On special occasions, people make more visits to e-commerce sites such as marketplaces. Marketplaces can get more traffic and reach more customers on special days.
  3. Discount opportunities: Provides an opportunity for marketplaces to offer discount deals and attract customers. On special occasions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, marketplaces can boost sales by offering discounts to customers.
  4. Inventory management: Marketplaces should meet customers’ expectations through good stock management. Vendors should stock their products at marketplaces and be ready to meet demand.
  5. Advertising opportunities: Offers advertising opportunities for marketplaces. By increasing advertising budgets on special occasions, marketplaces can attract more customers and increase sales.

Example of the Effects of Some Special Days on E-exports

We can give a few examples of special days that have an impact on e-exports:

  1. Black Friday: Marking the start of the worldwide shopping season, this day has a huge impact on online shopping in particular. E-commerce sites are encouraging consumers to shop online by preparing special discounts and campaigns for this day.

On this special day, you can expect heavy sales, especially on Amazon and Walmart.

  1. Cyber Monday: The Monday after Black Friday is considered a day of special discounts and deals for online shopping. This day presents an important opportunity for e-export, especially in many products such as technology products, clothing and accessories.

On this special day, you can expect heavy sales, especially on Amazon and Walmart.

  1. Christmas: Shopping for Christmas holidays and gifts is driving a huge surge in e-commerce sites around the world. It has a great potential for e-export, especially since more people have started shopping from home in recent years due to the pandemic.

Amazon, Walmart and eBay are particularly busy on this special day.

  1. Valentine’s Day February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is a worldwide tradition of gift-giving between lovers, leading to a huge surge in e-commerce sites. This special day offers a great opportunity for e-export, especially for flowers, chocolates, jewelry and similar products.

On this special day, it is possible to reach intense sales especially on Amazon Handmade and Etsy.

  1. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: These special days are celebrated around the world to express the love and gratitude of mothers and fathers. It therefore presents a significant opportunity for e-export sites for the sale of gifts as well as special cards, flowers and similar products.

On this special day, it is possible to reach intense sales especially on Amazon Handmade and Etsy.

You can also increase your e-export sales by highlighting appropriate products above and on more special occasions.

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